Pawalgarh Prakrati Prahari

About the society

Pawalgarh Prakrati Prahari (PPP), a not-for-profit nature conservation Society, was formed in December 2015. The main objective of the Society is to support nature conservation, environment protection and sustainable living by promoting alternate livelihoods such as ecotourism through village homestays, nature tours with experienced guides and promoting local produce and cuisine in the landscape of the Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve in Nainital District, Uttarakhand, India.

The Society focuses its efforts mainly in the Pawalgarh Conservation Reserve landscape and its members are domiciles of the villages around Pawalgarh. These villages are Pawalgarh, Mankanthpur, Kyari, Kotabagh, Syat, Ramnagar, Gabua, Chhoi and Amtoli.

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The society's main objectives

  • To support nature conservation and environment protection.
  • To support alternate livelihoods for local communities which incentivize conservation such as village homestays and nature tours with experienced guides.
  • To promote local produce and cuisine and its sale to the benefit of local communities.
  • To support and promote responsible ecotourism through the organization of bird and other local festivals.
  • To support the sales of nature interpretation products such as books, brochures, handicrafts, paintings, etc that spread the awareness of the need to conserve nature.
  • To promote the education and public awareness in the field nature conservation and environment protection.
  • To support conservation research and action leading to nature conservation and environment protection.
  • To act as a special purpose vehicle in the field of biodiversity conservation and issues related to climate change for the government agencies and also at international fora.
  • To strive to bring about changes in people's lifestyles to support the goal of sustainable use of earth's resources
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PPP society members receiving binoculars on 5 June 2016

Members of the society

Members of the society belong to the villages in the Pawalgarh landscape.

  • Dinesh Tripathi, President
  • Vinod Badhani, Vice President
  • Sanjay Bisht, Secretary
  • Lata Dobal, Joint Secretary
  • Bhupender Singh Manral, Treasurer
  • Heera Devi, Member
  • Mohan Chandra Pandey, Member
  • Puspa Devi, Member
  • Bacchi Singh, Member
  • Harish Upadhyay, Member

DFO, Ramnagar Forest Division, Nainital District, Uttarakhand Forest Department is the Chief Patron of the Society.

Manohar Singh Manral, Pawalgarh, Nainital District, Uttarakhand is the Patron of the Society.
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